Through the years, SLC has developed a very solid base to construct our commissions on. That base is knowledge. Today SLC operates its construction expertise in various market sectors with a special focus on Aviation related projects from support facilities to aprons , GSE roads, and building works.

Our Market Sectors are:

1. Aviation

2. Transportation

3. Infrastructure

4. Mixed Use developments

5. Public & Cultural Buildings

6. Residential Buildings

7. Maintenance and Restoration

8. Adaptive re-use Studies and Construction



Besides being a contracting company, we envision our team as proactive advisors to our clients. For that, we sensibly work closely with our clients to ensure a high level of expert attention overall project quality and timely delivery, that is why we are confident that we are able to provide you with the most complete and comprehensive service towards an exemplary end product.

Our services include:

1. General Contracting

2. Infra-structure & Earthworks

3. Project & Construction Management

4. Planning, Engineering and Design Services

5. Feasibility Studies and Strategic Planning

6. Cost Control and Risk Management